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We've moved!

29/12/2010 • 14:51 • I do

Due to incredible amounts of spam comments I've moved the blog to

See you there!

Never say no to Panda!

14/11/2010 • 18:42 • I watch

I've been showing this to everyone for the past month so I thought I might aswell put it up here...

9 eyes

14/11/2010 • 17:42 • I like

An incredible project by Canadian designer Jon Rafman:

One year ago, I started collecting screen captures of Google Street Views from a range of Street View blogs and through my own hunting. This essay illustrates how my Street View collections reflect the excitement of exploring this new, virtual world. The world captured by Google appears to be more truthful and more transparent because of the weight accorded to external reality, the perception of a neutral, unbiased recording, and even the vastness of the project. At the same time, I acknowledge that this way of photographing creates a cultural text like any other, a structured and structuring space whose codes and meaning the artist and the curator of the images can assist in constructing or deciphering. [...]

Initially, I was attracted to the noisy amateur aesthetic of the raw images. Street Views evoked an urgency I felt was present in earlier street photography. With its supposedly neutral gaze, the Street View photography had a spontaneous quality unspoiled by the sensitivities or agendas of a human photographer. It was tempting to see the images as a neutral and privileged representation of reality—as though the Street Views, wrenched from any social context other than geospatial contiguity, were able to perform true docu-photography, capturing fragments of reality stripped of all cultural intentions.

The way Google Street View records physical space restored the appropriate balance between photographer and subject. It allowed photography to accomplish what culture critic and film theorist Siegfried Kracauer viewed as its mission: “to represent significant aspects of physical reality without trying to overwhelm that reality so that the raw material focused upon is both left intact and made transparent."

Here's my personal selection:

The rest of the article here and a short-film based on one of these photos here.
And thanks Chris for sharing this find :)

About time

10/11/2010 • 10:52 • I want

Transparent Punch designed by Kisang Yoon and Kyubok Lee

Laughed Out Loud

04/11/2010 • 13:46 • I read

Someone is supposed to be playing at The Palace tonight, but Blair's drunk and Kim spots Lene hanging out in
front and the two of them groan and Blair turns the car around. Someone named Angel was supposed to go
with us tonight, but earlier today she got caught in the drain of her jacuzzi and almost drowned.

Bret Easton Ellis, Less Than Zero


23/10/2010 • 13:20 • I want

American photographer -and film director- Andrew Zuckerman completed a new project called Music
which is released as a book, an app and a film.
He asked musicians to write "long-form essays about their creative process, their earliest musical memories,
and why rock 'n' roll is more important than ever." (Spin)
The book features amazing portraits of the artists who contributed, and these 3 particularly amaze me:

So pretty!

19/10/2010 • 20:03 • I like

I was doing some research on embroidery and samplers for a new project and I stumbled upon this lovely embroidered family tree by Cortney Heimerl. It must have taken forever to make but it's totally worth it.

Peer pressure

13/10/2010 • 0:02 • I read

Gap North America president Marka Hansen has confirmed that the company is to abandon the new logo
launched last week after it attracted a storm of criticism

More here


01/10/2010 • 1:16 • I like

Wow it's been a while! But I'm back for good so expect more stuff in the next days.
Cool belt by Veronika Wildgruber and first found there.

Unhappy Hipsters

20/05/2010 • 21:40 • I read

A hilarious blog where images taken from design and architecture magazines are given a new twist.
Here's a selection of my favourites, the rest is over there

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